Locating a Tutor

Project Domain / Category:

Mobile Application (Android)


Abstract / Introduction:

When a student or parents wants to search for a tutor, he/she must search through newspaper advertisement or asks from people around who can recommend a highly qualified and expert tutor with affordable fees. However, it become very difficult to find a suitable tutor if you don’t have any connections.

The aim of this project is to develop an android based mobile application which help students/parents to instantly find and connect with thousands of professional and certified tutors at one place. This application will provide students a platform on their smart phones for finding the experts and tutors of their desired field/subject according to their qualification and experience.

The proposed mobile application will provide an efficient search engine which will help students to search using different filters (subject, location, qualification etc.). Based on the applied filters, the search engine will find the most relevant data and will display it to the user. Search by Location feature will also be integrated in the application so that the users can search for the tutors in their surrounding locations as well as the tutor can know from where the services are being requested.

Finally, the application will allow the users to rate and give their reviews about any tutor and the services they provide which will make this application more useful for the users.

There will be two users of the Application 1) Student and 2) Tutor The following will be the functional requirements of this project.

  • System will be integrated to a Real-time database i.e.,
  • It should be able to send and receive Real-time Push notifications from students to tutors and vice
  • It should be able to open Google Maps and show directions from were the student is requesting the service while using the ‘Search by Location’ feature.
  • There will be two modules
1.      Student Module:
  • Register with the application as a student by either giving the email address or contact
  • Authenticate the student by sending email to the given email address or by sending a text message on contact
  • Allow the registered student to Login to the
  • Allow the registered student to search the tutors by providing subject, qualification, gender, location, availability (time), and fees
  • Display the List of tutors according to the search criteria given by the
  • Allow the student to send request to hire
  • Allow the student to send request for Negotiation of
  • Allow the student to rate the Tutor for his/her
  • Allow the student to comment and give
  • Allow the student to delete/deactivate his/her
2.  Tutor Module:
  • Allow the tutor to register with the application as a tutor by entering name, qualification, experience, location, fees, subject, contact number
  • Authenticate the tutor by sending email to the given email address or by sending a text message on contact
  • Allow the registered tutor to Login to the
  • Allow the tutor to update his/her
  • Display the list of students seeking for
  • Allow the tutor to send the request to student for providing his/her
  • Allow the tutor to accept/ reject requests from the
  • Allow the tutor to negotiate the fee with the students. 9. Allow the tutor to deactivate/delete his/her
  1. Android Studio/Visual Studio
  2. Programming languages: Java or C#
  3. Firebase/SQL Server


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