Lecture Scheduler  

Project Domain / Category

 Web Application  


Lecture scheduler application intends to provide a web-based solution for scheduling of lectures in a typical conventional university. In conventional universities, at the start of each semester, a schedule is (manually) developed that caters: students enrolled in offered courses, faculty members instructing the offered courses, classrooms and labs where lectures are delivered to students. The proposed lecture scheduling application intends to create schedule on the basis of information of: courses’ enrollment, faculty members’ course preferences, available classrooms and labs. The application will:

 take as input, through Web: courses to be offered, students enrolled in offered courses, details about faculty members and their courses and day preferences, classrooms and labs available their capacities, and  output a lecture schedule

Functional Requirements:

The application should be able to:

  1. manage record of offered courses.
  2. manage record of students.
  3. manage record of faculty members and their courses and day-time preferences.
  4. manage record of classrooms and labs.
  5. Calculate a lecture schedule on the basis of given data.
  6. Provide User Management facility. Stakeholders of the application are Admin, faculty member, class coordinator, student (to view the class roster) and Assistant Academics.


Students may use any Web development tool and its relevant DBMS


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