Leave Application Management System

Project Domain / Category:

Web Application


Everyone in today’s world has a hectic routine, either in academic sector or corporate sector.  People don’t have much time to go through the tedious way of submitting the leave application manually. Also, it is difficult to track leave application manually. So, it will be much easier for them, if they apply online leave application from anywhere and to keep record of their leaves at their own.

Functional Requirements:

System should comprise of some important interface modules like,

1. User must register himself on interface and fill the complete form.  Admin will approve the registration of users.

2. User must be able to get login.

3. Applying leave module must contain tabs like ➢ Total number of Available Leaves ➢ Reason of Leave ➢ Apply Date ➢ Address ➢ Module to calculate the Leave Deductions ➢ Total Cost to be deducted of Leaves  ➢ Leaves could be either Casual, Earned, Without Pay or Medical

  1. After successful applying of leave application, it will be available for Admin for approval.
  2. 5. Employee will be able to mark their attendance online.
  3. Admin will review about the leave and will be authorized to ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ the leave.
  4. After the “Approval” or “Rejection” of leaves, SMS Alert/ Email Notification must be sent to the concerned employee.
  5.  A proper user-friendly Graphical User Interface must be designed, to make all tasks interactive.
  6. In end all status of leave application, must be shown to the user, and all records and history of leaves must be saved into the database by admin. 10. Admin must be able to keep record of employees. 11. Administrator will be able to maintain daily attendance of employee. 12. User must be able to logout to release the interface.

Note:  These given FR must be incorporated into the project. More FR could be added other than given.

Tools:  MySQL, PHP, ASP.net, C Sharp (Students may select software tools of their own choice as per their convenience)