Latest News about Imran Khan, Khan’s appearance before the court:

The latest on Pakistan's dynamic leader, Imran Khan.

Imran Khan is a former cricketer and prime minister of Pakistan. Under his captaincy, Pakistan won the cricket world cup of 1992. During that world cup, he did great work building Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. It is a charity hospital and it is serving cancer patients. After his retirement, Khan stepped into the practical politics of Pakistan. He came into Pakistani politics in the name of change. During the government of General Musharraf, Khan was offered a Prime minister ship. Khan refused this offer because he wanted to come into power on his own feet. In 2008, the political party of Imran Khan, PTI, boycotted elections. In the 2013 elections, PTI  came into appearance as the second-largest party in Pakistan. Mr. Khan blamed PMLN, the winner of the 2013 elections of bunco, and cheating. He started a long march against the ruling party. In 2018, PTI became the largest party in the country but Mr. Khan had to make the coalition government. He jailed the corrupt politicians who were involved in looting and money laundering. The condition of the economy of Pakistan was miserable but Khan ran the country with his new team. He managed his country very wisely during the pandemic period. His strategy of smart lockdown was admired by the whole world. But Khan had to fall because of his independence in foreign policy and interior policies. Khan visited Russia on the same day when Russia invaded Ukraine. On the other hand, Khan lost the support of the Pakistani establishment. The opposition parties united in the name of PDM and started Nonconfidence movement. Now Khan has two options either to resign or face nonconfidence movement. Khan did not resign but faced nonconfidence movement. He was kicked out of the government as a result.

Khan did unexpected things:

After his expulsion from the government, everyone was expecting Khan will go to the establishment for help or that his political career will be ended. But Khan went back to the people and told them that he has been ousted from the government as a result of a foreign conspiracy. Khan called his supporters in the federal capital. Hundreds of thousands of people reached Islamabad on the call of Khan. In addition to it, Khan visited all megacities of the country. In his Peshawar jalsa, 2 Million people gathered on Khan’s call. Khan gained public support through his impressive statements. Khan called the new government an imported government.

The new government tried to find some corruption cases against them but in vain. At last, a case of a watch was launched against Khan. After it, eighty different cases have been filed against him.

Current Situation:

The current government wants to arrest Khan. For this purpose, Punjab Police and Rangers are making efforts but Khan supporters are blockage for them. Thousands of people are in Zaman Park to protect Imran Khan. They are even fighting against police and rangers.

Imran Khan is the most popular leader in modern days:

His charismatic personality and his love for his people have made Khan the most popular leader in the world. His supporters have an emotional attachment to him. Hundreds of thousands of people are living in front of his home to protect him. The current government and establishment want to arrest Khan before the elections. But,

“ Khan is unbeatable”

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