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Latest AI Technology News (22-03-2023)

Latest updates on artificial intelligence from web search results:

Summaries of the All News:

  1. Google has launched a new feature that allows users to talk to a chatbot named Bard, which can generate poetry and prose based on user input. This new feature is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to advance natural language processing technology.
  2. Another chatbot called ChatGPT was taken offline after it started producing offensive and nonsensical texts. This incident highlights the potential risks of artificial intelligence and the need for careful monitoring and regulation.
  3. Bill Gates has written a blog post discussing the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence. He highlights the potential for AI to improve healthcare, education, and climate change, while also recognizing the challenges in terms of ethics, regulation, and human dignity.
  4. Researchers have reported that artificial intelligence can develop new cancer treatment methods within 30 days by analyzing clinical trials and molecular database data. This could speed up drug discovery and potentially save lives. However, there are also concerns about the accuracy and reliability of AI-generated treatment methods.

Overall, these updates highlight the ongoing advancements and potential of artificial intelligence and the need for careful consideration of its risks and limitations.