Project Domain / Category

Web Application 

Abstract/ Introduction:

In the today’s ecommerce world, different types of kids’ garment brands are running

their business through Internet. The main objective of this project is to develop a

website that will help the customers to buy the different Varieties of kids’ garments

and other kid’s necessities from anywhere. It is beneficial in terms that not only local

customers could purchase but the customers from different places could also buy

desired verity.

This website will contain complete variety of different garment brands as well as

other kids’ necessities displayed in several categories. Any Customer can visit

available variety, but only registered customer will be able to buy/place order.

Admin will manage customers, orders and whole website.

Functional Requirements:

Customer: ➢ Customer Registration ➢ Customer Login ➢ Customer can Search (by brand, by size, by colour) ➢ Customer can add any number of kids Varity (clothes, toys etc.) in cart and can proceed for order  ➢ Customer can select any payment option (credit card or cash on delivery) ➢ Customer can check his/her order status (approved/Pending/ delete) ➢ Customer can check his/her order history  ➢ Customer can submit his/her Feedback  ➢ After successful completion of transaction customer will receive confirmation message and a copy of the shopping receipt on his/her mobile number.


➢ Admin can view list of registered customers, Total booking orders, shipping orders, pending orders, delete orders, Feedback, total queries etc. ➢ Admin can Add/update/Delete Categories ➢ Admin can Add/update/Delete Subcategories ➢ Admin can check the list of existing Customers  ➢ Admin can delete any existing Customer ➢ Admin can update information of any existing Customer ➢ Admin can check the complete history of orders ➢  Admin can approve or delete any order.


HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JAVASCRIPT, JQuery, PHP, MYSQL No any other language is allowed for this project.

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