Kids Math

Project Domain / Category:

Web Application

Abstract / Introduction:

Mathematics is one of the subjects with which students face much of the difficulty and especially the initial Grades students. Kids Math is an online application that lets kids solve different mathematical problems and match their solution with actual ones.

The Five basic operations including (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Exponents) will be part of the application.

Functional requirements:

Application will comprise of an interface to generate questions of different categories. These categories will include:

  1. Addition
  2. Subtraction
  3. Multiplication
  4. Division
  5. Exponents

From the interface the user will input the following information:

Input Application Remarks


Applies to questions of all


Number    of


Applies to questions of all


No.            of


Applies only to Addition and PEMDAS categories. For all other categories, number of operands will be two (2) except the Exponent category where the number of operands will be one (1) This means the total number of values (terms)    in    each    question.    E.g.    an addition     question     with     two     (2) operands may be as follows: 54145+62514


Similarly, a question with five (5) operands may be as follows:





Applies to All categories

except         “Exponents”

operand size   means   the number of

digits in each operand e.g., an operand


  where range of exponent can be 1 to 3. of size three (3) means “245”, an operand of size 6 may be “246874”. Similarly, an operand of size four (4)

may be “6487”.

Types        of operators Applies only to PEMDAS. It means that which operators should be included in PEMDAS question. E.g. if user selects “Addition”, “Subtraction and “Multiplication”, the system should generate questions including

these operators only.


Once the above-mentioned information is provided, system will randomly generate questions as per specification provided by user. System should also generate the solution of each question in separate sheet. Note that solution should be detailed

e.g. for the question: 12 X 12, answer should be like: 12

X 12



===== 144

Similarly, for a PEMDAS question, 2+3-6(2×4)-1 Solution should be:







Similarly, Exponent solution should be:

24= 2x2x2x2 = 16

System should also be able to generate papers including the number of questions specified by user. The user will also specify the categories of the questions along with related information (e.g. number of questions in this category, number of

operands in each question, operand size etc.). A solution of each paper should also be generated on separate sheet.

Furthermore, note that papers should be saved in database for the current users so that he/she may use it later as well. Each user should register first to get its username and password.

Note: you can find a similar application for idea at the following link:


Any of the following tools may be used ASP.NET, JSP and PHP