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Israeli Attack on Worshippers in Al Aqsa Mosque

Tragedy at Al Aqsa: Israel's Attack on Worshippers Sparks Outrage and Grief"

On Wednesday, Israeli forces attacked Muslim worshippers in Al Aqsa Mosque.  It is not the first time that Israeli forces are attacking Muslims but they tease Muslims every time. It was the second consecutive night-time raid by Israeli forces on Palestinian worshippers who had gathered at the mosque for Ramadan. The Israeli forces used stun grenades, rubber bullets, rifle butts and tear gas to assault and arrest hundreds of Palestinians.  More than ten Palestinians were injured and more than 400 are arrested by Israeli forces. The Arab League condemned the attack and called for an emergency meeting to discuss the situation.

The reason behind the fight:


The real fight between Palestinians and Israelis is over the holy land of Jerusalem and Palestine. Palestinians claim the land because they are living there for more than a thousand years. But Israeli claim the land saying that their forefathers used to live there about 2000 years ago. Both Palestinian Muslims and Israeli Jews say that this land belongs to th

Why Jerusalem is a conflict?

In addition to it, Jerusalem is a holy place for all Ibrahimic religions. Jews love this land because of their holy temple in Jerusalem. Muslim love this land because of the AL Aqsa Mosque to which they say their Qibla e Awal. Christian love this land because Jesus was born in Jerusalem and Merry belonged to this land. Now they all claim this land belonging to their forefathers.

Historical background of Jerusalem:

Earlier, Prophet Ibrahim and his family used to live in Jerusalem. The descendants of prophet Isaac( Ishaq), Israelis, used to live in Jerusalem, and descendants of Ismael, Arabs,  lived in Makkah. Prophets came to Jerusalem one by one. At last prophet, Dawood ( David) founded an Israeli empire and Jerusalem was the capital of this land. It is called the Kindom of Heavens. After that A Roman emperor Titus attacked Jerusalem. Roman emperor converted to Christianity and Jerusalem went under the control of Christians.

During the 7th century, Muslim conquests reached Jerusalem, and Christian clergy handed over Jerusalem to Muslim Caliph Umer. Christians snatched Jerusalem through Crusade but Muslim warrior Salahuddin Ayubi took it back sooner. Jerusalem remained in the hands of Muslim Ottomans for more than five centuries.

Modern History:

After WW1, Jews migrated to Jerusalem through the Balfour declaration. In WW2, the tragedy of the Holocaust happened to Jews and more than 5 million Jews were killed. After that, the Jews of the whole world migrated toward Jerusalem. In 1948, the state of Israel was created and the clashes between Israelis and Arabs started. It resulted in three Arab- Israeli wars.

Israeli forces are continuously attacking the hometowns of Palestinians. Especially, in the month of Ramadan, Israeli forces attack Palestinian in Al Aqsa Mosque.


Jerusalem belongs to which religion?

Jerusalem is a common place for Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

Which is the biggest problem in the Middle East?

The problem of Jerusalem is the biggest problem in the Middle East.

video: Israeli forces attacking Al Aqsa
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