IOT based Smart Weather Reporting System

IOT based Smart Weather Reporting System

Project Domain / Category

Automation / Embedded System Programming

Abstract / Introduction

There are fewer manual actions in today’s automated and embedded systems. In comparison to our manual systems, they are far more adaptable, trustworthy, and precise. We select an automated control system due to the rising demand for such dependable and versatile systems. In this paper, we propose an internet-based smart weather reporting system. Weather parameter reporting over the internet is possible with our proposed approach. It enables consumers to examine weather statistics online without having to rely on a weather forecasting service

Our system monitors the weather and provides real-time weather statistics by using temperature, humidity, and rain sensors. The system must be able to save location-based data so that any mapping method can be used to elaborate/display the weather conditions based on the GPS module. The system continuously monitors temperature, humidity, and rain utilizing temperature and humidity sensors. The system sends this data to the processing unit on a regular basis, which processes it and sends it to the online web server and mobile application. This information is updated in real time and can be accessed on the online server system. In addition, the system allows users to create warnings for specific weather criteria, and the system will notify them if those values are exceeded.

As a result, the IOT-based weather reporting system provides customers with a reliable internet-based weather reporting system.

Functional Requirements Hardware Module
  • Temperature Sensor Module
    • Humidity sensor Module
    • Rain Drop Sensing & Estimation Module
    • Display Unit
    • GSM/Wi-Fi based Internet Connectivity Module
    • GPS Module
Mobile Application (Android)
  • Capability to receive and manage an online database of the data from Hardware Module
    • Capable compute the critical condition based on received data
  • Arduino Kit or Any other Single Board Processors
    • Android Studio
    • Web API’s
    • C/C++ Programming Language
    • Assembly Language
    • Circuit Designing Software’s (OrCAD Pspice, WorkBench)
    • Keil Embedded Development Kit
    • Circuit Components (Resistors, Capacitors, oscillators etc.)
    • GPS Module
    • GSM/Wi-Fi Module
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Humidity Sensor

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