IOT based Smart Patient Health Monitoring System 

Project Domain / Category

Digital Logic Designing (Hardware/Android Based Project)


Abstract / Introduction

The healthcare monitoring systems has emerged as one of the most vital system and became technology oriented from the past decade. Humans are facing a problem of unexpected death due to various illness which is because of lack of medical care to the patients at right time.

The primary goal was to develop a reliable patient monitoring system using IoT so that the healthcare professionals can monitor their patients, who are either hospitalized or at home using an IoT based integrated healthcare system with the view of ensuring patients are cared for better.

The Project can be divided into two modules:

A mobile device (generally a wearable gadget) based healthcare monitoring system must be developed, which can provide real time online information about physiological conditions of a patient mainly consists of sensors (Heart Beat Sensor for Pulse rate & Blood Pressure, Temperature Sensor & Pedometer Sensor for Step Count), the data acquisition unit for signal processing (A/D Conversion), a single board-based computer (Raspberry Pi, Atomic Pi) for processing and GSM based module for

  • A mobile application (preferable an Android Application), that will get data from mobile The Doctor or Patient’s guardian can get updates through this mobile application.

o Mobile Application has the capability to notify both Doctor & Guardian about any critical condition based on manually set thresholds by its users (Doctor or Guardian).

Thus, IoT based patient monitoring system effectively monitor patient’s health


and save life on time.

Functional Requirements:

Provide a bulleted list of functional requirements

  • Mobile Device MUST have following capabilities:

o Can sense patient’s body temperature.


  • Can sense patient’s heartbeat
  • Can sense patient’s blood
  • Can calculate the patient’s walking rate & step
  • Can send all data to a mobile device / application through a GSM
  • Mobile Application MUST have following features:
    • Can read all values sensed on mobile hardware
    • Can set a threshold value for each sensed value for stating a critical condition/stage.
    • Can notify doctor or guardian about the critical condition through a mobile app notification or
    • Can call Emergency contact numbers (doctor/guardian/ambulance ).
    • Raspberry Pi or Atomic Pi (single board computer).
    • Sensing Modules / Sensors:
      • Analog to Digital Conversion
      • GSM
      • Android Application
      • Database development /
      • Python
      • Controller Based Programming (if needed) generally in C/C++ or


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