IOT based Home Automation System 

Project Domain / Category

Digital Logic Designing


Abstract / Introduction

In the present days, IoT based automated systems have fewer manual actions. They are much more flexible, reliable and much accurate as compared to our manual systems. Due to increase in demand of such reliable and flexible systems, we prefer an automated control system.

The main aim of this project is to design an intelligent home automation system that will increase the ease of use and control home appliances through a mobile application remotely. It will counter room temperature settings and light control mechanism.

System will have an LCD interface for temperature, humidity and running appliances details.

Functional Requirements:

System will have two different modules:

  • Hardware Module:
  • will sense room / home temperature
  • will sense humidity
  • will be able to state the device/s status (On or Off).
  • Will have the ability to switch On or switch Off multiple
  • MUST have the ability to send data to a remote application through GSM or any other Wireless
  • Mobile Application:
  • Will able to receive all signals from hardware
  • Can update or change the status of devices (Switching on or Off).
  • Can schedule the device
  • Application can show the current temperature & humidity
  • Raspberry Pi or
  • Sensing Modules / Sensors
  • Humidity.

Analog to Digital Conversion

  • GSM/Wireless
  • Android Application
  • Database development /
  • Python
  • Controller Based Programming (if needed) generally in C/C++ or


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