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Involvement of Russian Wagner Group in Sudan Conflict, Civilians are under threat:

The Wagner group is an important paramilitary group in Russia. It consists of mercenaries who serve Russia for military purposes. It is playing a key role in the Russia-Ukraine war. It is the same group that claimed Russian occupation over the BAkhmut region of Ukraine. But now the Wagner group has entered the bloody conflict in Sudan and supporting the Hamdan group, RSF. Wagner’s group has offered weapons to Hamdan’s group but he has not decided yet whether to accept it or not. The Chairman of Wagner Group said,

“ United Nations and any others want the blood in Sudan but I want peace.”


All the major powers of the world have their interests in the natural resources of Africa. In the same way, Russia also has an interest in the gold and uranium mines of Sudan. Russian mercenary group entered Sudan during the reign of Omar Al- Bashir. Wagner Group made ties with General Hamdan in 2021. Hamdan also visited Moscow in 2022. Analysts say that the preparation for this conflict has been made long ago. The supply of arms by Western countries especially the UK has played a role in the cause of war.

Violation of ceasefire:

A Ceasefire of 72 hours was announced between the Sudanese military and RSF. This ceasefire was done to flee civilians from war area, Khartoum. Foreign nationals have been evacuated or transferred to the safe zone.

Renewed Violence in South Sudan Threatens Fragile Peace Agreement – Foreign  Policy

Meeting of Security Council over Sudan Issue:

United Nations called a meeting on the Sudan conflict. The UN Secretary-General said that both sides should silence their arms. Both sides should solve the problem by negotiation. United Nations ambassador to Sudan participated in the meeting sitting in Sudan to tell the present condition to the security council. Sudan’s ambassador said that the rebellion will be ending soon and things will be normal soon in Sudan.

Shortage of Supply in Sudan:

There is a shortage of supplies due to conflict in the country. Due to the shortage of supplies, the prices fo utilities have become very high. Most of the people are unable to buy things for basic needs. The prices have increased tenfolds than normal prices.

The problem of refuge:

Civilians are migrating from the capital of the country due to security issues. They are living in cottages outside of the city. They have no home and little food.  There is no electricity in the city for the last two weeks. Foreign countries have evacuated their cities from Sudan.

South Sudan civil war causes Africa's worst refugee crisis | PBS News  Weekend

Final Words:

The international community should pay attention to Sudan. The civilians are in danger in Sudan. The organization of humanitarian aid should help Sudan in this difficult situation. United Nations should come forward to solve the problem of refugees in the country,


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