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International Worker Day, Let’s Rise for the Workers:


May Day, also known as International Workers’ Day, is observed annually on May 1st in a number of nations. It is a day set aside to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements that employees have made to society and to promote their rights and welfare. May Day has its roots in the late 19th century when American and European workers were campaigning for better working conditions and labour rights. May Day is still a significant day for social justice and workers’ rights today.

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Brief History of Labour Day:

The day was chosen to honour the 1886 Chicago Haymarket Affair, a deadly altercation between police and labour protesters that became a benchmark for workers’ rights and resulted in multiple fatalities. The Second International, a confederation of socialist organisations and trade unions, launched the first International Worker Day in 1890 as a day to protest the eight-hour workday and other class demands. Since then, the day has been celebrated in numerous nations with a variety of events, including parades, marches, rallies, and picnics.

Challenges for workers these days:

Following are the challenges which workers face these days:

Employee engagement:

Many employees have lost interest in their employment, particularly after the epidemic disturbed their schedules and expectations. Disengaged employees are less productive, less content, and more prone to leaving their jobs. Employers must discover ways to inspire and encourage their staff members, such as by giving them feedback, recognition, autonomy, and a sense of purpose.
Time management: Employees in the United States and other industrialised nations frequently put in more than 40 hours a week. Stress, burnout, a lack of a healthy work-life balance, and health issues might result from this. Employees must prioritise their activities, create boundaries, manage their time well, and take.

Time Management:

Workers in the US and other industrialised nations put in lengthy workweeks that frequently exceed 40 hours. Stress, burnout, a lack of a healthy work-life balance, and health issues might result from this. Effective time management, work prioritisation, boundary setting, and break-taking are requirements for employees. Employers must respect their employees’ time, refrain from overcommitting them to work, and provide flexible work schedules.


Given the cost pressures, skill shortages, and increased competition that businesses are facing, workers are expected to do more with less. Multiple projects, roles, and responsibilities are frequently juggled by employees, which can compromise their productivity and wellbeing. Workers must express their demands, assign duties to others, work together, and ask for assistance when necessary. Employers must distribute resources sensibly, match tasks to employees’ interests and skills, and set clear expectations.

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Effects of the Pandemic:

During the pandemic, workers have gone through a variety of traumas, including sickness, loss, isolation, anxiety, and uncertainty. These traumatic experiences may have a long-term impact on a worker’s relationships, performance, and mental health. Workers must recover from their traumas, seek professional assistance if necessary, engage in self-care and compassion, and reestablish relationships with others.

Why do International Workers Day is celebrated?

International Workers’ Day is observed in many countries as a day of protest and celebration of the achievements of the labour movement, including improved working conditions, better pay, and legal protections for workers. The day is also a reminder of the ongoing struggles and challenges faced by workers, particularly in relation to issues such as income inequality, job security, and discrimination.

How should we celebrate Worker Day?

We should celebrate International Workers Day to raise voices for the rights of Workers. We should use the following ways to celebrate in the following ways.

Participte in Marches:

On May Day, a number of cities throughout the world organise marches, protests, and rallies. It might be a terrific way to support workers’ rights and promote improved working conditions to take part in these events.

Educated Yourself:

Take the time to educate yourself about the labour movement’s history and the achievements that workers have made to society. Reading books, watching documentaries, or going to lectures are all examples of this.

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Final Words:

We should play our role on Worker Day. Most educational institutions and business institutions are closed on this day. We should participate in rallies and marches of worker days. We should speak for the rights of workers and show solidarity with them.

When Worker Day is celebrated?

Worker Day is celebrated on 1st May every year.

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