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  International Earth Day 2023, Together for a Sustainable Future:

Join the global movement to protect our planet and create a healthier, greener world for all."

Every year International Earth Day is celebrated on April 22. This day is celebrated in the memory of starting of the Environmental movement of 1970. Senator Gaylord Nelson introduced Earth Day for the savior of Earth. It influenced the US Government to make laws for the sustainability of the environment. It now includes a wide range of events held around the whole world.

Earth Day 2023: When Is Earth Day? | Celebrating Earth Day Ideas | The Old  Farmer's Almanac

Why we should celebrate Earth Day?

Industrial Revolution played a great role in the prosperity of mankind. It provided man with basic needs like food, cloth and housing. But it took the man away from nature and natural phenomena. It made our environment polluted. Factories and industries contaminated our land, water, and space. Now, the advancement of technology is making our environment more and more polluted. The emission of hazardous rays from electronic devices is creating serious problems. The ozone layer is being destructed due to chlorofluorocarbons. Testing of nuclear missiles is also creating problems for the environment. South Korea tested a missile in Sea which affected not only the sea but the space too.

If we continued our Scientific and Industrial advancement without any checks then the Earth will not be a place to live for us. This small planet is in need of care. So we should celebrate Earth Day to remind everyone of the importance of the Earth and the environment.

One Earth, One Family, One Future:

India has chosen a magnificent theme for the summit 2023 ” One Earth, One Family, One Future. It is an Indian slogan for the presidency of the summit. it shows Indian concern for unity of the world and collective progress. It is an exhibition of the concept of one world, not the third world and first world. The logo of the summit is Earth positioned on a lotus, an Indian national flower. Lotus is a symbol of growth and peace. it shows Indian interest in the betterment of the world. The whole world should gather for the stability of our Earth.

Logo & Theme

Zero Carbon City:

A Zero Carbon City is a city in which there would be a sense of energy production and use free of carbon. The developed nations are trying to make their cities carbon neutral. In the UNO about 100 cities agreed to become carbon-free.  Megacities like New York, Mexico, London, Paris, Oslo, and Hong Kong are shiting on carbon-free mode. The Masdar City of  UAE is declared the first Carbon free city in the world.

Theme of Earth Day 2023:

Every year Earth Day is celebrated with a specific theme. The theme of Earth Day for the year 2023 is,

“Invest in Our Planet, Protect Our Future”

Our planet is an amazing place. It is giving us a place to live, food to eat and water to drink, and fresh oxygen to breathe. But we are doing badly with it. We are investing in our business and trade. But this year’s theme of Earth Day shows our concern about Earth. We should invest in our Eart to make it cleaner and pollution free. All of us come together to invest in our planet. We should try our best to make it clean and green. In this way, we can create a sustainable future for upcoming generations.

Earth Day 2023 | Theme, Date, Latest Events, and Celebrations

Celebrate Earth Day in this Way:

Every day spent on Earth is an Earth Day but we have specified 22nd April for our planet. We

should do the following activities on Earth Day.

  • We should clean up plastic in our neighborhood and local parks
  • We should swap out our kitchen and household products.
  • Every one of us should plant a tree to make our contribution on Earth Day.
  • We should use the R3 cycle on Earth Day. We should Reuse, Reduce and Recycle in the garden.
  • We should involve the children in Earth Day activities. We should raise awareness through posters and public service announcements.

Final Words:

Our birthplace is different but our planet to live is single. We should try our best to make our Earth cleaner and prosper. If we will invest in our planet, our future will be safe.

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”

                                                       ( Wendell Berry)

On which date Earth Day is celebrated?

International Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April every year.

What is the theme for Earth Day this year?

“Invest in our Planet” is the theme of Earth Day this year.

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