Home Budgeting System (HBS) 

Project Domain / Category

Mobile Application (Android)

Abstract / Introduction

Budgeting – planning to spend money is one of the most important and hectic monthly tasks in our lives. This is especially a major concern for salaried persons; in some month, he/she spends so much in transportation (for example) that little or no money left for spending on Entertainment or Medical Checkups. Our Home Budgeting System (HBS) will try to cater these problems by effectively managing home budget of an individual. It will alert the user if he/she is spending too much in a specific category or if total available amount is exhausting very quickly way before month’s end.

Functional Requirements:
  • In order to fetch total income, HBS will provide option of various banks’ mobile applications. On taping any one of them, the respective banking application should open. If it’s not installed in the mobile, it should redirect to Google Play store. (You may search the Internet to explore which banks have mobile applications and include only those in the list)
  • The application should offer 5 Major Categories of expenses and multiple Minor Categories. User will enter his/her expense in minor categories like Petrol, Beverages etc. The system will auto recognize in which category this expense should fall. For example, if user has entered Petrol or Car Repairing, system should automatically store the expense in Transportation Expense head.
  • There will be 6 Major Categories:
  1. Monthly Billing
  2. Grocery Items
  3. Transportation
  4. Educational Expenses
  5. Healthcare
  6. Entertainment
  • You can have as many minor categories as required. For example, Entertainment head can have Hoteling, One Day Tour, and Cinema
  • The Home Screen of HBS will show the following:
    1. Total Income
    2. Total Expenses so far
    3. Balance
    4. Pie Chart of Expenses (Major Category wise)
  • Whenever a user taps on the specific portion of the Pie Chart; that portions’ details (with respect to Minor Categories) should be displayed on another page
  • The user should be able to enter/adjust Threshold Level of each Major Category. Whenever that threshold level is exceeded; it should display a Toast message (for example: “You’re spending too much in Transportation”)
  • All values/amount should be stored in database and these will be used for comparison purposes
  • The app should have the option to compare current month’s expenses with previous months’ expenses. On taping Compare button, user will be prompted to select two months. After selecting, a Bar Chart should be displayed (major category wise) giving comparison of selected

Android Studio 3.5 or later (requires Java SDK)


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