Group of students brainstorming ideas for their final year project
Brainstorming for the perfect final year project idea

Higher Education Students Performance Evaluation using Supervised Machine Learning

Project Domain / Category

AI/Machine Learning/Prototype base

Abstract / Introduction

Most of the countries place significant emphasis on education to accelerate their growth. The
student’s performance before entering the exams or taking the course is also consistent with
the fact that well-educated people benefit their countries more. To improve individual
student performance and meet this goal, the quality of education must improve in the
current term. Students’ personal information, educational preferences and family history are
some of the key indicators. Our objective in this project is to evaluate the higher education
student’s performance using supervised Machine Learning algorithms(Decision trees,
Artificial Neural Networks, and Support Vector Machine ) on the given dataset.


This project is easy and interesting but requires in depth study of data mining and machine
learning techniques.

Functional Requirements:

The following are the functional requirements of the project:

  1. System must be set the environment online/offline (If Required)
  2. System apply different data processing techniques (Data Normalization, Missing value
    imputation, Data Transformation, etc…)
  3. System must be split the given dataset into testing and training.
  4. System must trained the specified model.
  5. User must be evaluate mentioned models in the form of Confusion Matrix, Accuracy,
    Precision, Recall
  6. User must be discussed the results of given algorithms ( Decision trees, Artificial Neural
    Networks, and Support Vector Machine).
  7. User must retrained the model if accuracy is not good (less than 60%) by changing
    different training parameters (If Required)


Language: Python (Only python language)
IDE: JupyterNotebook, Google Colab, Pycharm, Spyder, etc.