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G20 Summit 2023

G20 Summit 2023 Theme of G20 Summit G20 Summit India G20 Summit New Dehli

G20 Summit is a summit of the group of 20 nations. It includes European Union and 18 other nations of the world. Participating countries of G20 holds 75% of worlds economy, 70% of world trade and 65% of world’s population. Finance ministers of these countries get together to discuss the world problems, mostly financial problems are discussed. G20 was founded in 1999 as a platform for financial ministers and the Governers of Central bank to deal with the economic issues. initially, it focused on the finance but with the passage of time agriculture, sustainable development, health, energy and climate change and anti-corruption has been included in its agenda. in 2009 it was designated as “premier forum for international economic cooperation”.

G20 Summit 2023 New Delhi:

India will host G20 Summit 2023 on September 9 and 10. India will take the presidency of the meeting of world leaders during the G20 Summit. The venue of the summit will be New Delhi, Pragati Maidan. The presidency of the Summit was handed over to Indian prime minister, Narender Modi at the end of the Bali Summit, in 2022 because Indonesia held the presidency of the summit in 2022. Hosting this summit is a great success for Indian leadership and Indian foreign policy.

Theme and logo of G20 Summit 2023.

India has chosen a magnificent theme for the summit 2023 ” One Earth, One Family, One Future .It is Indian slogan for the presidency of the summit. it shows Indian concern for unity of the world and collective progress. it is exhibition the concept of one world not third world and first world. The logo of the summit is Earth positioned on a lotus, Indian national flower. Lotus is a symbol of growth and peace. it is shows Indian interest in the betterment of world.

participating countries.

Following are the participating countries of G20 Summit 2023

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chinal, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Saudia Arabia, South Africa, Japan, Mexico, Russai, Turkey, USA, UK and European Union. in addition to these, authorities from Bangladesh, UAE, Egypt, world Bank, UN and other organizations are also invited as a guest.

Bad news about the summit:

A meeting of finance ministers of the participating countries held on February 25, but it ended without a collective statement Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Hosting the meeting of G20 is a great success for India. India is introducing is a majestic theme for the summit. So, it will exhibit Indian concern for Sustainability of the world.

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