Final Year Project Ideas

1.Online Air-Travelling Reservation System
2.Climate Based Yield Production and Reporting Analysis
3.School Management System
4.Online Store
5.Online Event Management System
6.GYM Buddy
8.Recipe Maker
9.Information mining and retrieval
10.Web Based E-Commerce Site
11.Online Sales Information Web Portal
12.Online Job Portal-2
13.Smart Study Planner
14.Digital Classroom
15.Lecture Scheduler
16.Recommendation based Online Grocery Point
17.Virtual Library for VU
18.Mobile (Android) based image compressor
19.“E- Library Management System”
20.B2C Online Store
21.Cooking Website
22.Online matrimonial service provider
23.Clinical Decision Support System
24.Virtual Tuition Management System
25.Virtual Physics Lab for High School (Electronics)
26.Online Rental vehicle system
27.B2B Web Application
28.Opinion Mining for Social Networking Site
29.Performance evaluation and prediction of wireless communication networks
30.A Tic-Tac-Toe Game between two computers
31.Smart Call Management
32.Calculation of Islamic Salah times
33.Network User Monitoring System (NUMS)
34.Android Cache Clear Application
35.Security system for android phone using GPS tracking
36.Classified Sales Automation System
37.Medical Care Center Management System
38.Automation of ANY Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd
39.Password Manager
40.Resource Monitoring system (RMS)
41.Flight Information Display and Ticket Reservation System
42.Embedded System
43.Classified Website
44.Online Advertising Website

45.Online Virtual Laboratory for eLearning Practical Courses
46.Online Job Portal -1
47.Blood Donation Services
48.E-Medical Record
49.Route Navigation Application for Android
50.Online Mobile Shop
51.Virtual Student Assistant (Mobile App)
52.Online Boutique
53.Virtual Doctor
54.Old Exam Repository and Quiz (Mobile APP)
55.Student attendance in class using Face recognition system
56.Context aware mobile application
58.Traffic Signal Control System using Microcontrollers
59.Down the Memory Lane
60.LifeSaver Blood Bank (Android Application)
61.University Network Management System
62.Online Quiz application
63.Online Vehicle Sales Management System