Foodies: Online Food Ordering App 

Project Domain / Category

Mobile Application

Abstract / Introduction

The Foodies: Online Food Ordering App is proposed with aim to facilitate customers to order food online from their favorite restaurants. They can place order from their offices, homes etc. The application will contain list of all major and popular restaurants for all major cities. It will also maintain restaurant information according to specific area of a city. The Customer can select restaurants based on their location and get menu details online. They can place their order online and receive their order at doorstep. The customers can pay via Cash on Delivery or Credit/Debit card option. The admin will manage restaurants’ information, orders information, and employee’s information etc.

Functional Requirements:

Following are abstract level requirements of the project. Students are required to provide detailed requirements in SRS documents. Students can also add more requirements as per need.

FR1. The application should allow customers to search list of restaurant city wise, area wise. Based on customer location, list of all nearby restaurants should be shown to customer. The list of all popular restaurants in the selected city or area should also be displayed.

FR2. The system should also allow customers to create their account. Customer should get the flexibility of placing order both as a guest or registered customer.

FR3. The application should contain list of various restaurants with their menu’s


FR4. Restaurant opening and closing timing should also be displayed. If customer selects restaurant which is closed, tell customer that restaurant is close. Ask customer to either wait till its opening time or order from some other restaurant.

FR5. The system should provide customers an interface to order their favorite food items. Before order placement, customer should be able to update Cart to add some new food item or remove some existing food item. The interface should also get payment information from customer. On checkout, order and payments details should be shown to customer.

FR6. Customer should also be informed about time the delivery will take to reach the destination. Time counts down should be displayed after order confirmation so that customer could know about remaining time to receive the order. Along this, the customer should also get updates about order status like order is confirmed by restaurant, order is prepared, odder is picked, order is out for delivery etc.

FR7. The system should be able to manage all orders, and payments etc.

FR8. The system should be able to store information of all restaurants, orders, reviews/feedback, suggestions and complaints etc.

FR9. Detailed information of each restaurant should also be maintained in database by administrator.

FR10. The application should also contain Terms and Condition, Suggestions, Complaints and review pages.


Android studio

SQL lite or any other modern database Emulator (To run android application on PC)


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