Food Ordering System

Project Domain / Category

Web Application 

Abstract / Introduction

Food ordering system is a process in which we can order various food items from some local restaurant menu via the use of internet, just by sitting at any place and the order is delivered to the given location. Customer must register and then select the food items of their choice from the menu list and order food online. When customer finalized the order, then he/she can add an item into the shopping cart and by checking out from the shopping cart, his/her order will be delivered at the doorstep. When customer is satisfied with the order, service and quality, then he/she pay cash on the spot.

Functional Requirements:

Admin: 1. Admin have access to monitor everything on the online food ordering system. 2. Admin can add, update and delete the restaurants. 3. Admin can verify all the orders details. Customer 1. Customer has created a new account (sign up) 2. Customer can view the menu of different restaurants and then select food item of his/her choice to the shopping cart.  3. The customer must fill a form providing his/her name, number, address, city, delivery time slot and payment method (cash on delivery) after he/she checkout from the shopping cart. 4. Food will be delivered to the customer at home with respect to the selected time slot.

Tools: PHP Language and MySQL Database for developing Food ordering system

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