Flutter Complete Course 2023

Flutter is an exciting open-source framework for developing beautiful, high-performance, and user-friendly mobile apps. With its fast-growing community and ever-expanding libraries and packages, Flutter is quickly becoming a top choice for app developers worldwide. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an experienced developer looking to expand your skills, our Flutter Complete Course is designed to help you achieve your goals. This comprehensive course covers everything you need to know about Flutter, from the basics of its architecture to advanced topics such as state management, animation, and network calls. With step-by-step tutorials and hands-on projects, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence you need to build stunning apps with Flutter. So join us now and take your Flutter app development journey to the next level!

Class 01 (Flutter Introduction)

Topic NameLink
What is Flutter in detail?Click
Prerequisites for flutter app development.Click
Flutter Course Introduction and review.Click
What is Flutter Widget? Explain the widgets Hierarchy.Click
Flutter Installation Process CompleteClick
How you can share easily a mobile screen with a laptop?Click
Setting Environment of Android Studio for Flutter App DevelopmentClick
How to Use Android Studio in Flutter App Development?Click

Class 02 (Complete Guidance About Dart Language)

Topic NameLink
Dart Intro SDK Setting & Environment SettingsClick
Language and Documentation TourClick
Take User Input & Data Types (String, Double, Integer)Click
Introduction of Variable & detail workingClick
Number, Var, and Num KeywordsClick
Boolean Keywords and valuesClick
Equality and Arithmetic OperatorClick
Final & Const KeywordsClick
Concatenation with + OperatorClick
IF, IF-ELSE with examplesClick
Difference between Method and FunctionClick
Switch StatmentClick

Class 03 (Complete Counter App)

Topic NameLink
Counter App Complete Video (Using ChatGPT) (27-02-2023)Click
Counter App Code ReviewClick
Code Review in detail (OOP Concept review in detail)Click
Counter App Last PartClick

Class 04 (Settings Environment to Learn Flutter )

Topic NameLink
What is Flutter Widget? ExplainClick
Complete the Widgets Catalog in detailClick
Startup Name Generator AppClick
Use of Flutter Code Lab ReviewClick
Use of Github for Flutter Click
How to sync Flutter Code with Github?Click
Tips for using Android Studio for FlutterClick

Class 04 (Installation and Setting Environment 06-03-2023 )

Topic NameLink
How to Install Flutter on Windows 10: A Beginner’s Guide -2023Link
Install Android Studio for Flutter App developmentLink
Tour of Android StudioLink
Sufari Extension for VS Code auto code generation Link
Latest Classes 2023

Class 05 (Resume App Complete with ChatGPT(13-03-2023) )

Topic NameLink
Part 01 Link
Part 02Link
Part 03Link
Last PartLink
Latest Classes 2023

Class 05 (Basic Learning to Create First App)

Topic NameLink
Flutter Hello World ApplicationClick
Use of Scaffold and Material WidgetsClick
How to Change App Icon?Click
How to Share Project on GitHub using privately?Click
How to Add an Image in the README file?Click
How to use Flutter Code Lab?Click

Class 06 (App 01: Profile App )

Topic NameLink
Profile App Page Design Part 01Click
Profile App Page Design Part 02 (Use Row, Column, Circle Avatar)Click
Profile App Page Design Part 03 (Card Widget)Click
Profile App Page Design Part 04 (How to set background Gradient Color )Click
Profile App Page Design Part 05 (Final Part: Working on Circle Avatar )Click

Class 07 (Working on Images)

Topic NameLink
Display Images from the InternetClick
Fetch Image from Asset FolderClick
Make the Image ClickableClick
Before Clickable Swap Stateless widget to StatfullClick
If-else in Flutter AppClick
Fit Image widget using an Expanded widgetClick

Class 07 (App 02 : Dice App)

Topic NameLink
Dice Rolling App (Part 01: Introduction of App)Click
Dice Rolling App (Part 02: Difference b/w Stateful and Stateless)Click
Dice Rolling App (Part 04: Expanded Widget)Click
Dice Rolling App (Part 05: Flat Button and Center Widget)Click
Dice Rolling App (Part 06: OnPress Method)Click
Dice Rolling App (Part 07: Use of Variable in App)Click
Dice Rolling App (Part 08: Convert Stateless to Stateful)Click
Dice Rolling App (Part 09: Get Random Number to Roll Dice)Click
Dice Rolling App (Part 10: Set App Working with a random number)Click

Class 08 (App 03: Xylophone App)

Topic NameLink
Xylophone App (Part 01: Introduction)Click
Xylophone App (Part 02: Setting of App)Click
Xylophone App (Part 03: Flutter Packages in detail)Click
Xylophone App (Part 04: Use of Functions in Flutter)Click

Class 09 (App 04: Quiz App)

Topic NameLink
Quiz App (Part 01: Introduction)Click
Quiz App (Part 02: Quiz App with Null Safty)Click
Quiz App (Part 03: Use of Expanded in Quiz App)Click
Quiz App (Part 04: List Widget in Flutter)Click
Quiz App (Part 05: Model View Controler Patteren)Click
Quiz App (Part 06: Create Question Bank)Click
Quiz App (Part 06: Final Part)Click

Class 10 (App 05: BMI Calculator App)

Topic NameLink