Facial Recognition Based Home automation using Raspberry pi 

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Home automation is very emerging and popular field. And for home automation IOT devices are used mostly. Raspberry pi and Arduino are most popular out of all the IOT devices currently being used.

We will be working with Raspberry pi, Raspberry pi has many features like Small form factor, USB ports, LAN port, HDMI and many more but most useful feature is 40 pin GPIO port, developers can use these pins to directly control any outside component like a simple led.

We must develop a facial recognition system which will control the lights of different rooms inside a house on the basics of person’s face.

Functional Requirements:
  • Add new persons inside
  • Train the system with already taken pictures or live view of a person using the camera attached with Raspberry
  • Once trained the system must be able to detect the person within 5-10 feet range.
  • Every room will be associated with one person, so whenever a person enters the house, the system will recognize the face of that person and turn on the light of that
  • There will be some common lights as well for example siting area or kitchen which is used by all the persons in a house and these lights will be turned on for all the
  • If an unknown person enters the house no light will be turned
  • Hardware: (Please note that No Hardware will be provided by the university)
  • Raspberry pi (Better use the latest version).
  • Camera Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 OR Rev 1.3 (You can also use any other camera but compatibility issues will be more than official camera).
  • At least 4 led lights to show working of the
  • Wiring and
  • Components like resistors, capacitors and transistors if
  • Important Notes:
  • Prior Knowledge of Raspberry Pi micro controller is very
  • Without Raspberry pi the project will not be
  • You can use external libraries to recognize face but make sure you know the flow of library as questions may be asked from the library
  • Tools:
  • Python


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