Expert System for Assessing Programming Course Performance of E-learning Student  

Project Domain / Category

Web Application 


Expert course assessing system is a machine learning based web application in which expert system will be built by using the any machine learning algorithms or fuzzy logic algorithms for evaluating/assessing the programming course performance of e-learning student automatically. In this system, it will be considered these parameters Skype session attendance, internal course activity marks, programming lab activity, mid-term and final term marks to evaluate overall academic performance of computer science students. The fuzzy Rules/Rule-based will be generated according to course parameters and will maintain knowledge-based system.  

Functional Requirements: 

• The application should have graphical user interface which have admin, teacher and student interface. • The Admin/teacher should be login with valid username and password.

• The Admin will assign and manage the teacher records.

• Admin/teacher should be able to insert proper details of programming course activities of registered students.

• The student should be registered with basic details for student account

• The student should be Login with valid university ID and password

• Student should be able to view his/her academic performance based on course activities with the passage of time.

• The application should be used a knowledge-based system with the help of machine learning algorithms.

• The application should be used fuzzy knowledge/Ontology based to generate report efficiently.

• The admin should manage and view all student records

• The admin should view the performance of eLearning student and update knowledge based on requirement. • The admin should view the performance of the students and update knowledge-based on the requirement. 

Note: Skype session must be attended to communicate with the supervisor about machine learning algorithms otherwise project will not be accepted. 

Tools:   C# or Java language or python or any new language but firstly should discuss with supervisor via email 

Prerequisite:  Artificial intelligence Concepts, Machine learning 

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