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Tachometers are devices that are used to find out the speed and velocity of vehicles. Tachometers normally represents speed in revolution per minute i.e., RPM. There are two types of tachometers available in vehicles i.e., Analog and digital tachometers. The problem with Analog tachometer that is used in most vehicles is that it does not show exact speed at any movement and shows a rough reading. On the other hand, digital tachometer uses LED which is a latest development in the field of computer science and electronics. Digital tachometers and interactive and shows exact speed and any moment in the form of digits. These types of digital tachometers can only be found in expensive and luxurious vehicles due to the high cost. In this project we are going to develop a low-cost tachometer which can be used in cars which is hoped to be installed in low-cost vehicles.

Functional Requirements:

  1. Find speed by measuring the shaft rotation of vehicles.
  2. Show speed in three digits.
  3. Display speed on LED/LCD


  • Microcontrollers (Intel 8051/8052 series).
  • C/C++ Programming Language.
  • Assembly Language.
  • Circuit Designing Software (OrCAD Pspice etc.).
  • Keil Embedded Development Kit.
  • Microcontroller Burner Kit.
  • Circuit Components (Resistors, Capacitors etc.)

.  LEC







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