Electronic Patient Management System at Hospital 

Project Domain/Category

Web Application


Today’s healthcare organizations need user-friendly information tools that cut through the chaos and deliver solid analysis and reporting capabilities specifically designed for patients, doctors and other staff to meet their needs.

With these needs in mind, we need a more longitudinal collection of the electronic health information of individual patients.

Furthermore, maintaining different types of patient’s data manually in today’s busy world is a very tiresome job. To reduce the load of maintaining bulk of data and to provide facility to record the relevant information of patient, we will create a web- based application. The aim of this application is to automate the patient management at hospital and to provide paper less environment.

Functional Requirements:

The system should have the following features:

A user registration process in order to get login into the system. Login will be of four Types. Admin, Reception person, Doctor and Supporting staff(nurse).

The application will have four modules:

Reception person (Patient Information):

 This module will be used by the reception person to perform following roles /tasks:

  • Reception person will enter the record of patients. The record will include all relevant required
  • Reception person will generate Patient ID that could be later used in the

system to access the patient’s information.

  • Reception person will send the record to assigned department (doctor)
Medical Person (Nurse):

This module will be used by the nurses or assistant person of doctors to perform following roles /tasks:

  • Entering Diagnostic information for each patient
  • Updating the record by entering the physician comments
  • Entering required treatment information suggested by doctor
  • Sending lab tests when it is required
  • Creating Discharge Summery
Admin Panel:
  • Admin can register hospital staff i.e., Doctors, nurses and admin staff
  • Admin should be able to retrieve and view each patient / staff’s information

her by different filters such as Name, CNIC, Hosp ID etc.

  • Admin should always be able to supply real-time tracking information for all files (from admission through discharge)
Doctor Role:
  • Doctor should be able to view its personal information
  • Doctor should be able to view patient’s information assigned to him/her by

different filters such as Name, CNIC, Hosp ID etc.

  • Doctor should be able to view information of supporting staff working with

i.e., nurses

  • List of all Doctors, administrative staff, supporting staff
  • List of all patients (date, month and year wise)
Recommended tools and technology

Programming Language: JAVA or c# only Database: MySQL


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