Eat at Home

Project Domain / Category

Mobile Application (Android)

Abstract / Introduction

People are busy every day. They want to go out and eat outside but because of the difficult times sometimes, it becomes difficult to go out and look for food outside. Eat at Home! is a mobile online food ordering app that allows such users to order food at nearby hotels, restaurants using their mobile phones and delivering them to their destinations. Ordering food online has become one of the fastest growing styles these days.

The proposed app will allow users to create their own account, select food from the menu and place an order through their smartphones. The payment method will be the payment upon delivery. An application will keep user data confidential.

Functional Requirements:

• User will be able to register and sign in to the app.
• The user will be able to see the menu at nearby restaurants based on their location.
• User will be able to place an order.
• User will be able to choose a payment method.
• User will be able to track orders / meals.
• The application will be able to store user data.
• The manager will be able to add a restaurant menu.
• The supervisor will be able to manage the restaurant staff.
• The manager will be able to receive the order from the user.
• Admin will be able to forward the request to the passenger / employee for delivery.
• The administrator will be able to delete, and update restaurant data.


IDE: Android Studio or other. Website: Firebase or other.

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