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EasyBuy App

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Mobile Application


Buying groceries has never been easier as it is with mobile apps. A few taps and a mirror are brought directly to the door. Mobile applications have dramatically changed purchasing processes by making them simpler and easier. There is no problem going to the store and standing in line to receive payments. Shopping is now a fun activity where one can simply browse the products they want and complete the shopping process right on their mobile devices.

The goal of the EasyBuy App is to provide a convenience store for its users to easily purchase items at their favorite store at a reasonable price, while taking advantage of additional benefits offered by stores, for example free home delivery or free delivery with over 500 orders. 

Main Roles of the system:

There will be five options in its separate menu
· Profile
· Nearby stores
· My Cart
· Feedback
· Exit

Core Functionality:

The main functionality and basic flow of the app will be as follows:

  1. First, the user will encounter a home screen containing a list of nearby stores.
  2. The user will select the appropriate store and proceed to purchase from the menu provided by the relevant store.
  3. The app will provide an exit function at the time of purchase.
  4. Special note may be displayed by the user at the time of purchase (example: “Free Delivery for orders over Rs. 500”)
  5. User will need to register before confirming his order if they are not already registered. Some screens will work as.

●         Profile.

The Profile screen will show the user his / her details (Name, Address, Postal Code, address related)

● Nearby Stores.

This screen will show a list of nearby stores, the user can also search the store in the list

● My Cart.

This screen will display the current status of the user’s cart, if the user has nothing in his cart
then it will display a message (“Your cart is empty, Start Shopping :)”).

● Feedback

This screen will display a wide text area and a submit button so users can send feedback.

There will be a need for a backend web api that will handle all backend activities such as managing all nearby stores, their categories and sub-categories, managing products and user data etc.


Backend Server side scripting technology PHP
Api Testing Application Postman
IDE upgrade for IOS Xcode on macbook
IOS App Development Language Language Swift 4 and the latest versions
Code Editors XCode, Sublime, PHP Visual studio,

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