E-Pharma: Online Chemist  

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Web Applicatio

Abstract / Introduction

Online Chemist provides you everything related to your health at one spot. It can be any medicine, medical device, items related to personal hygiene and care, support and fitness etc. It provides the facility to purchase every health/medical related thing online and deliver at your doorstep. This will also provide the facility to provide the medicines, medical devices and instruments to hospitals.  

Functional Requirements: “Online Chemist” website features/requirements are given here. You must provide the detail of these requirements in SRS document and you can also add more requirements.  The main page of app will have following tabs.  • Home • Health  o Medicines  o Medical Devices/Instruments o Exercise Machines • Sport and Fitness • Personal Care • About Us o Company Profile o Privacy and Security Policy • FAQ • Contact Us o Call us now o Chat our Representative 1. Home is your default page where you can give information about your company and services you are providing. Show the Information at the bottom about payment method, shipping method and charges and about return/exchange of products. 

2. Support and Fitness will have subcategory of fitness nutrition’s and sport.  3. Personal care can include baby care, beauty and care, makeup and fragrances.  4. User and hospital register to the app by providing necessary information.  5. User (individual Customer/ hospital) can place order of their desired items.  6. When you click on any product it must show the item detail (e.g. medicine formula), its manufacturer, and its price.  7. To order a medicine user first must upload the scan copy of prescription, on which medicine name, its quantity and its potency must be mentioned.  8. Hospital can order items in bulk form also.  9. After adding items into cart total bill will be calculated. User will select payment method which can be cash on delivery or credit/debit card.  10. User will must give delivery address and all his/her contact information on check out process.  11. After placing order and email will be received to customer.  12. User can also check the his/her order status by entering order number.  13. There should be search bar at home page.  You must create admin dashboard where admin will manage all records and information of the company. 14. Admin can add/delete/update records.  15. Admin process the order by verification of prescription given by user.  16. Admin must have all the records of orders which are placed, delivered orders as well.  17. Admin can update the website.  18. Admin must send or email to user regarding processing of order.  19. All information must be stored in database. 

Tools:  Any modern language or tool.  

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