“E- Library Management System”  

Project Domain / Category Web Application 


E-Library Management system is used to provide a medium for the libraries to computerize their entire functioning and would contribute as a first step in digitalizing their libraries. Libraries had their entire records on paper which again required maintenance and the problem of finding relevant information proved to be a difficult task. Even if the required information was found it was usually at cost of much valuable time. E-Library Management would not only simplify this process but also speedup the entire functioning of the library. It will also contribute towards increasing the efficiency of the libraries a whole, right from the data entry to maintaining the historical records. One major purpose is to provide user or the library members the opportunity to not only search through the books online but to reserve books that are issued by other users and also request newer books.

E-Library Management System is a web-based application. Here the student having an account can request the book and the librarian can issue the book based on his request. If the student does not return the book on time fine will be added. Student can search for other books or can view the details. If the book is not available the student can reserve the book for them.

Functional Requirements:

The main objective of the proposed system is to help the user. The system can facilitate the user in the following ways:

 To provide multi user login facility and a user-friendly system.

 To manage the details about the previous issued books, requested books and returned books etc

.  To generate reports based on the records available.

 Reduce the manual work and time consumption

Module Description  Books:

This module consists the details of the books available in library and their categories. It also contains the list of books in each category and their details.

 Manage Books: In this module you can check which book is available and issued.

 Student Account: To issue a book from the library, one should have an account in the library. The registration contains all the details about the student like registration number, name, address, contact number etc.

 Book Request: This module is used by the student to request a book from the library. The search can be performed by using name of the book, author name, and subject name.

 Issue of books: This module is used by the librarian to issue a book based on the request made by the student.

 Renewal of books: This module is used by the admin to renew the book. If the book is already reserved for others, then that book should not be renewed.

 Returning Books: In this module the librarian maintains the details of the books returned by the student, which also includes the fine details, damage book details, lost book details.

 Reports: This module includes the details about the issued books, returned books, student reports, fine reports, or details of the book which are not returned. E-Online Library Management Software can be applied to large databases with more information. Hence it reduces time consumption and speed up the work


Software specifications:

 Technology Implemented:

 Apache Server

 Language Used

: PHP 5.3

 Database

: My SQL 5.5

 User Interface Design

 : HTML, AJAX, j query

 Web Browser

 : Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE8

 Software

 : XAMPP Server: Hardware requirements:

 Operating System

 : Windows XP/Windows 7 or above

 40 GB hard disk and above

 1 GB RAM and above

 Peripheral devices Limitations

 Internet connection is required.

 If the server is down it takes time for loading.  Future scope of the project

 Book reading facility can be provided through on-line

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