“E-Attendance”: An Online Attendance Management System 

Project Domain / Category

Web Application 


“E-Attendance” is a web-based Attendance Management System for XYZ University. The aim of this system is to manage the student’s daily attendance which is entered by the faculty members. Details regarding the different users involved in the system and the functions which they can perform are given below Functional Requirements: Following are the users of this system. Each user must log-in first, to use the system.  

• Faculty Member • Head of Department • Controller Examination • Admin 

Responsibilities and functions of each user are given below: 

Faculty Member: 1. There are multiple faculty members in each department. Each faculty member teaches multiple courses and, in each course, multiple students can be enrolled, on the other hand one student can be enrolled in multiple courses as well. The faculty member can save the attendance record of multiple students in multiple courses. 2. Faculty member can access and browse the courses in the system which he teaches. He will enter attendance record on daily basis and can submit. After the submission he cannot update the records. 3. The faculty member can open the page of any specific course assigned to him.    4. The information which a faculty member can access include 3 non-editable and 3 editable contents/attributes: a. Non-Editable  ▪ Faculty Member Employee ID ▪ Faculty Member Name ▪ Faculty Member Designation 

b. Editable  ▪ Attendance  ▪ Date▪ Time 

Head of Department: 1. There are multiple departments in university and each department is headed by a senior faculty member.  2. The head of department assigns the courses to the teachers from a separate interface.  3. This user can see the information of all the courses of all degrees (offered by his department)  4. The information which a Head of Department can access for each course include 5 non-editable attributes:  a. Non-Editable  ▪ Faculty Member Employee ID ▪ Faculty Member Name ▪ Faculty Member Designation ▪ Attendance ▪ Date Time   

Controller Examination: This user has the authority to only see the complete information of/provided by first two users.  

Admin 1. Admin is the power user and has the rights of all three users. 

Proposed Tools:

Java, Dotnet Framework, MySQL, SQL server etc. 

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