Digital Classroom 

Project Domain / Category

 Mobile Apps 


Digital Classroom will be an online android-based mobile phone application for academia including faculty members, students and parents. The overall objective of this app is to provide online platform for teachers, students and parents to manage and stay informed about teacher/student educational activities, keep-in-touch with class, schedule, electronic resources, announcements, and communication among themselves along with reporting feature. This application will engage all users in a collaborative social environment to improve overall learning experience through online interaction. Moreover, it will inform all registered participants with latest updates about class activities, schedules, results anytime anywhere, help students to track their performance, assist teachers to manage e-resources as well as students at the same time.

Functional Requirements:

  1. The system shall provide facility for users to online register and manage profile in a secured, reliable manner.
  2. The teacher shall be able to upload and/or share online class resources for their students including; course contents / overview, notes (handouts), FAQs, course books, grading scheme. (i.e., supporting popular formats including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe).
  3. The students shall be able to access (view and/or download) online class resources uploaded by teacher.
  4. The system shall provide facility for parents to stay informed about all educational activities of their children.
  5. The system shall have functionality for online communication and collaboration among all users in a secure and reliable way through Online forum, SMS feature, Email, Facebook / Twitter etc.


  1. IDE: Android Studio 2.1 (or later) for Windows; including Android Software Development Kit (SDK).
  2. Programming language: JAVA.
  3. Database: SQLite.
  4. Unified Modeling Language (UML): Microsoft Visio, IBM Rational Rose




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