Design and Implementation of an Online Clearance System for Graduating Students of University

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Web Application


The internet has changed the face of the world and made receiving and sending of information spread widely and easily, this can be done at the tips of people hand and without wasting any time. Compared to when internet has not evolved, before information could be received another end, it takes time depending on the distance of the journey. Online clearance system is a web-based system which makes use of the internet. Most of the universities don’t have such online method of clearance which creates the overhead for students of going from department to department to sign the forms. The form given to student must be signed by the following; University Liberian, Head of department, Sport official, Dean of student affair, Accounts, Café/Mess etc.

So, the aim of this project is to develop a web-based Clearance system through which graduating students will be able to complete the process of clearance from anywhere. He/She will not must physically visit the University and concerned departments for this purpose. It will also lead in saving of the time and the cost of transportation from one location to another.

Functional Requirements:
Types of users
  • Admin
  • Student
  • Liberian
  • Head of department
  • Sport In charge
  • Dean of student affair
  • Accounts In-charge
  • Café/Mess In-charge
Types of interfaces:
  • Admin interface
  • Student interface
  • Separate interface for concerned
Admin Panel:
  1. Login/Logout procedure for the admin
  2. Admin has record of all the registered users/students.
  3. Admin have rights to accept the users/student’s clearance request if any dues are not
  4. Admin have rights to reject the users/student’s clearance request if any dues are
  5. Admin has information of all the departments of clearance
  6. Once admin receives a clearance request, then the admin will forward the request to the concerned
  7. The concerned department will give feedback on the clearance report to the admin.
  8. Admin can generate the clearance receipt after the clearance procedure in case of any dues are
  9. Admin must upload the clearance receipt of the concerned student
Student Panel:
  1. Login/Logout procedure for the
  2. User /Student will create a request for the
  3. Student can download the “clearance receipt” and print the Pay the

dues in the account section.

  1. Student upload the paid

HTML, PHP, MySQL, Xampp / wamp server, PHP Report Maker / PHP Reports / Any other supportive tool for Report generation

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