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Web browsers and editors

In this lesson we will discuss about web browsers and editors. You can use any of the web browser and editor from the list.

Web browsers:

Web browsers

We will be using web browsers to see the result or you can say output of our code.

Common modern browsers for the desktop are FirefoxChromeMicrosoft Edge (and IE), SafariBrave, etc. The most common features of a Web browser include the browser window itself (also referred to as the user interface), the navigation and address bar, and options to view your history, settings, and other tools.

Web editors:

Web Editors
Web Editors

An HTML editor is invaluable for both beginners and more advanced developers. While any text editor, like NotePad or TextEdit, can be used to create Web pages, they don’t necessarily offer options for error checking, syntax coloring and saving some typing by filling things out for you.

There are two types of editors available, WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) and textual HTML editors. Here is a non exhaustive list: