College Library Automation 

Project Domain / Category

Database Application

Abstract / Introduction

Library is one of the most important sources of knowledge gathering for students at an educational institute. The basic operations performed in a library are; adding a new member, new books, updating information, searching books, members and the facility of borrowing and returning books. However, the operations of a library are a very tedious and time-consuming job considering a traditional library system. These operations are performed on daily basis and it consumes a lot of time if you are working with it in registers.

To overcome these issues, we need to introduce the concept of automation of libraries at our educational institutes, the library management system is a windows- based application which was developed to make all the operations fast and easy.

The design of our Institute Library Management system is easy to use for every type of users. Whereas, in our application there is a facility of report generation which gives a detail information about books borrowed by students and faculty and make users possible to get hard copy of related reports.

Functional Requirements:

1. Library Registration
• The administrator can create a new user.
• New user can login and logout.
2. Books
• Admin add, delete or modify the details of the books.
3. Search
• User can search for the required books based on author name, book name etc.
4. Borrow books
• A registered user can borrow the book for specific days.
5. Return books

• Book must be returned within the due date; otherwise you must pay fine.

6. Report generation
• Depending upon the organizational needs following reports can be generated
• There can be daily reports
• Weekly reports
• Yearly reports

Python & SQLite is mandatory


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