Clinical Helper Using OCR 

Project Domain / Category

Mobile Application


This is an innovative System for any user mostly targeting the aged population as a clinical helper. The user can enter the medicine reminders such as medicine color/type, name, quantity and when it should be taken with a reminder (alarm / notification). The reminder helps the user to investigate the details of medicine that he or she must take and will also speak out the details. This application should have the functionality to collect the detail of medicine by using OCR with the help of mobile phone’s camera (by taking the picture of medicine). The students can use any API for Implementing the OCR e.g. Mobile Vision API.

Functional Requirements:
  • System should be able to use the mobile camera to take the picture of medicine.
  • System should be able to extract the detail of medicine (name, type, salt, potency) from the picture that has been taken by mobile camera and save the information in a
  • Along with above mentioned Information, application will allow user to add addition information (such as Dosage, when to use, how to use ) manually.
  • User can also store the disease or symptoms for which medicine is being taken.
  • System should alarm the user for the medicine time by speaking the text or displaying the medicine picture with an alarm

[NOTE: Student can add/enhance requirements as per needed.] 


Students can use any IDE to develop this Mobile application i.e. Eclipse, Android Studio, My SQL etc.

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