Clinic Management System (CMS) 

Project Domain / Category

Web Application 

Abstract / Introduction 

This system is made to keep the records about the patients, doctors and other staff members working at a clinic. It is software which helps the user to work with the clinics easily. This software reduces the amount of manual data entry and gives greater efficiency. Admin can login into the clinic management service using the email id or the user id and password. After signing in into this system there are the options to add new patients, new doctors and other new staff members like nurses and ward boys etc. 

Proposed System This system is designed to easily maintain the data of the patients specifically. Daily many new patients visit the clinic so adding the new patient’s details and keeping the records using it is very easy.

There is also an option to add and delete doctors and other staff member’s details. New and unique ids are given to everyone who gets registered over this system as well as options to check the patient’s disease and course the patient is going through. Fees paid by any customer or patient can be saved on it and it is easy to calculate daily that the money is collected.

Doctors and another staff member like nurses, ward boys, janitor and maid leaves can be deducted from their salary and rest of the salary can be paid easily using this clinic management service. It is easy to calculate money and handle account on monthly basis also. This system also has an option to use the backup that means if we are backing up the database it can never be lost.

So, overall this Clinic Management System is a solution to all the problems that we face in a clinic. 

Number of Modules and Functional Requirements Detail for each Module 



The receptionist is the user who can register itself on the application or software and after registering on its other available attributes can be used. These attributes are adding new patients, adding new staff members and adding new doctors etc. This user can also calculate the money expenditures on salaries and the total amount collected from patient fees. 


After registration one can log in the system as the operator of the system on the behalf of user. After this, he has the other user interfaces available for further actions like adding and deleting doctors and other staff members etc.

Adding New Patients:

Adding new patient’s details in the database is most important. In the details person’s address, phone number, disease or problem and some other things will be provided.

Adding and Deleting Doctor:

Doctor’s information will be added in the database of the clinic the details that are added are the name, age, address, phone number, a specialist in the branch, qualification and some other things. There is also an option to delete the doctor as in case if some doctor is leaving the clinic and his or her information is no longer required when the information related to that specific doctor can be deleted any time by using the option delete doctor.

Adding and Deleting Other Staff Members:

The information that is added to the staff is a name, address, phone number, employee id, the job of the employee and the salary of the employee. These details are asked when the new employee is added and option to delete their details is also given as if the employee or the staff member wants to leave the job and the information is no longer required by the hospital or clinic.


Software Specifications: ▪ Language Used:   PHP 5.3 ▪ Database:   My SQL 5.5 ▪ User Interface Design:   HTML, AJAX, JavaScript ▪ Web Browser:   Mozilla, Google Chrome, Internet explorer Hardware Requirements:▪ Processor : Pentium, AMD or Higher Version. ▪ Operating System   :  Windows XP/ Windows 7/ Linux ▪ RAM :256 MB, 2GB recommended ▪ Hard disk:  10GB or More 

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