Climate Based Yield Production and Reporting Analysis

Project Domain / Category

Web based Application


Agriculture sector is the largest sector of economy. Crop reporting analysis helps in not only the total production in an area but also it will help in analyzing the reasons and estimation of crops in overall Pakistan. Through accurate information of climate, production of crops can be increased. This project will deal with the crop reporting and analysis on climate-based reasons. This tool will help departments e.g., agriculture, water resource management and energy sector departments), for making their policies, strategies, and management decisions.

The project is focused on the web-based development of a most optimal and most accurate crop reporting system that would facilitate many activities and sub-activities that are dependent on the crop productions, and timely reporting with climate conditions and alert generating facility on farmers.

Functional Requirements:

1.1 Selecting the area for analysis.

1.2 Overall Crops production.

1.3 Crop Reporter wise information handling.

1.4 Crop category wise.

1.5 Climate condition wise production analysis.

1.6 Climate reporting.

1.7 Database connectivity to store useful information in database.

1.8 Suggestion to farmers.

1.9 Policy management

Tools: PHP, HTML, MySQL, Java Script etc.

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