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Classified Website 


Classified websites are the types of websites which allow users to place their ads. Seller and buyer both can post their ads on it, but to post their ads they have to setup and free account.  Seller can post ad on it for the particular which he/she wants to sell. Buyer can also post ads about the product which he/she wants to purchase. This kind of website is dynamic in nature where user interacts with this kind of website.  Website also gives the facility of send SMS alerts or emails both the buyers and seller, for example a seller posts an ad for a mobile. Buyer like this ad and give is offer to seller then this offer is sent to seller in the form of SMS alert or email alert.  Similar in case of buyer if buyer wants to buy some product which ad is not yet available on site, he/she posts the ad on site and if a seller has that particular product, then that seller can send him SMS alert or email through this Website.

Functional Requirements:

  1. Admin shall be able to manage users.
  2. Visitor should be able to registered with website.
  3. Site should also give the facility of manage different product categories, so that buyer/seller can post ads or see ads under desire product category.
  4. Latest add should be show in right side of home page.
  5. All ads will be phone verified.
  6. User may inform admin that product advertised on website has been sold so admin can update status of this product as Sold or this facility can be provided to user.
  7. User can view ads city wise, minimum and maximum range of price


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