Classified Sales Automation System  

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Classified Sales Automation System 

A Desktop Application for inventory control and sales management automation process. This software is developed to construct a public or semi-public friendly automation system. In this system we add the new user as admin or as a simple sale man. Sale men are just performing the sales in our outlet or the admin are control all the system. In this automation we can search the garments item by name and by first value. Check the sales and purchases in daily basis, monthly or yearly basis. The admin can add the new user in our system and check as well as the stock information. The admin can perform the different operation in different tables for example save the data or entries and delete the data from all the tables and update information in customer or dealer tables.


The “Classified Sales Automation System” is a type of discount store or a readymade garment shop for children, women, teenage girls, kids, gents and boys. The clothing line that is unique, special, comfortable, and fun. The application able to computerized the whole sale system and the inventory of the store.

This new system is imposing new features:

  1. Complete inventory and sales management.
  2. Access to database will be based on login-id and password.
  3. Also the system is intended to take very few inputs from the user.
  4. User friendly.
  5. Easy to printing the customer invoice.
  6. Flexible and error less application.

Functional Requirements:

  1. Login User or admin:

 System asks for User ID and password.

 System should ask for user level.

 System authenticates and response as per input.

  1. Sales:  System registers the customer first.

 System authenticates the customer information, to check validity.

 System enables the selection of customer.

 System shall set rate according to the purchase of customer.

  1. Purchase from dealer:

 System registers the dealer.

 System authenticates the dealer information, to check validity.

 System enables the selection of dealer.

  1. View Purchases and Sales:
  2.  System shows daily transitional detail.
  3.  System provide detail according to specify dates (From date to date).  System shows summery detail at the end of report.





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