Car Tracking Android based Mobile App
Car Tracking Android based Mobile App

Project Domain / Category

Mobile Application (Android)

Abstract / Introduction

The car tracking app is an android based app that helps in tracking the distance and distance covered by a car. Everything is done in real time i.e. calculating distance and direction regarding GPS location. It will provide real-time GPS tracking while tracking the vehicle. 

Functional Requirements:

  1. Display:
    The app display should be updated in real time recording and accessing vehicle traffic information.
  2. Live Tracking:
    The app will support live tracking with an update rate of 10-20 seconds and keep track of the past 10-20 routes / locations.
  3. Dashboard:
    In the dashboard, you can check your car’s current location, speed and distance from your own
    All this on a simple and accurate screen with a map.
  4. Places:
    Displays the exact address of the location you want, not just the longitude / latitude.
  5. Settings:
    In Settings, you should be able to set / change password, change GPS mode, and specify speed limits and navigation alerts and much more.


Android Studio

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