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Web Application 


With the increasing technology in automobiles, it has become difficult to find a professional mechanic for operating high tech cars. Besides the saturated market, we only find a couple of good mechanics in the above scenario but most of the time they are overburdened so we do not get their precious time as per our convenience. A scheduling app for such mechanics will be fruitful where customers will book their date and time through online interface.   Functional Requirements:

Following are the main features of our application: 1. Login procedure for customer and Mechanic. 2. Customer can either by filer or non-filer. 3. Customer will book his appointment by providing the details like requested service that will be assigned the required time by the system.  4. Customer will get the requested slot if available. 5. If requested slot is not available, he/she can book time at any other date.  6. Upon successful car service, bill will be generated by the mechanic. 7. If the customer fails to arrive at the appointed date and time, a nominal penalty will be imposed on him. If the mechanic fails to provide services to customers based on their appointed slots, a nominal penalty will also be imposed on the mechanic. 8. The mechanic will be able to generate a report on monthly basis for total number of appointments and their successful handling. 9. The mechanic can also generate a report on monthly basis for total number of unsuccessful appointments by the customer. 

Tools: PHP SQL Server 

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