Blood Bank System

Project Domain / Category:

Mobile Application (Android)


Abstract / Introduction:

“And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely”. Al-Quran

We all know that blood is an important factor/element that is very vital in the life of every human being living on this earth. Nowadays, we see that lots of people lose their precious life without getting the blood at the right time. Sometimes, proper contact or record of the blood donors is not available at the time of need. To solve all these problems on time, it is necessary that there must be a blood bank related mobile application, which can be of great help in this regard. It can also help in saving the precious lives of the people, by getting the blood at the right time.

Functional Requirements:

This system should have the following features.

  1. The system should have a user registration process in order to get login into the system.
Donor Module:
  1. The user must enter different information or data of the donor like Donors name, donor ID, Donor Medical report, Blood group, Date and time of blood donation, Contact Number, Address
  2. The donor should see next donation
  3. The donor should be able to view his/her blood donation
Patient Module:
  1. The user must enter information or data about the patient like Patient Name, Patient Id, Patient Blood Group, Patent Disease
  2. Patient should be able to get all blood donation information in this system instead of going and searching around for
  3. The patient should see the next blood transfusion date(s) if
  4. The patient should be able to find the total blood bags of different blood groups available in the
General requirements:
  1. The system should automatically generate next donation date of the
  2. The system should automatically generate the next blood transfusion dates of the patient(s) if
  3. The system should highlight at least two days before the donated blood bag(s) going to be
  1. The system should generate report of
  2. The system should generate report of
  3. The system should generate different reports of available blood bags based on blood
Tools required:

Android Studio, MySQL

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