BEST Video/Media Players for Windows & Android
BEST Video/Media Players for Windows & Android

BEST Video/Media Players for Windows & Android


offers a movie theatre audio experience.
Your can be organised with little effort.
You can cast your media library to your TV using it.

Your shared media library is simple to maintain.
40 HD videos can be stored on the cloud.
You can share your movie shows with others thanks to it.
supported operating systems: Windows 8, iOS, and Android.

VLC media player

Users can play any video file from a disc, a stream, or a camera.
Additionally, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, MKV, and WebM are supported.
With the help of this tool, you can filter streaming video.
Advertising, spyware, and user tracking do not exist.
Using VLC player, video decoding or managing video processing is quicker.
The application can be used on tablets, smartphones, PCs, and other devices.
Platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS are supported.


WiFi makes it easy to share media.
a no-cost video player, that is.
It’s simple to use this video player.
It is possible to organise clips and playback effectively.
You can convert between a variety of video formats with Miro.
It can be used with various gadgets, including computers, tablets, and phones.
Supported operating systems include Windows 10, Linux, Mac, and Android.


You can download videos instead of streaming them.
It allows you to download and play videos from popular websites like YouTube.
A pin or password may have been set for the video.
Windows is a supported platform.


You can manage your videos easily.
This 3D video player offers fluid video playback.
You can observe the situation in advance thanks to snapshots.
With this Windows 10 video player, you can choose soundcards.
You can bookmark the scene with PotPlayer.
supports devices for HDTV, DVD, and TV.
Windows is a supported platform.

All Player

ALLPlayer is one of the most popular programmes for watching movies with compatible subtitles. All common media file types are supported, as well as RAR files. Additionally, if a video file cannot be opened, the LiveUpdate feature can be utilised to get the most recent codecs.


HD video can be played by users.
It is a software that is lightweight and consumes fewer system resources.
With this device, you may regulate the video speed.
With this computer media player, any clip may be quickly opened.
supports scripting, which enables players to perform any activity, such as JavaScript and LuaScript.
Windows, Mac, and Linux are supported operating systems.


The media library it includes can be used to keep track of all videos.
It is possible to create a playlist and loop it.
You can fast-forward to the scene you want to see with this MP4 player feature.
With DivX, you can keep track of and purchase your personal videos.
It offers free HEVC playback.
Windows is a supported platform.

GOM Media Player

The GOM Player, a popular movie and music player, is renowned for its colourful user interface and wide range of supported audio and video codecs. It already has a significant number of codecs required for efficient media playback and decoding. Keyboard controls are included to make it simple to manage the game without having to look at the screen. You can choose your favourite skin by alternating between various attractive ones. The programme is more user-friendly for beginners despite not offering as many customization options as other video or audio players.