B2B Web Application 

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 Web Application 


In day-to-day life we buy a lot of products from shops, in today’s busy life sometimes it looks very hard to spare extra time and go to market for shopping, in such situation so many people prefer online shopping. In order to solve this issue B2B website’s development started. By using these websites, we can easily buy products just and visiting the website and can order the products online and make online payments of these products.  Online shopping system helps in buying products from the listed products from different categories given on the website.

Functional Requirements: 

This bulleted list should contain all the functional requirements of the project. These should be detailed and comprehensive about the proposed project. Very small or very large list of requirements is not recommended.

  1. Customer be secured with registration number and can easily navigate through pages.
  2. Secured payment methods.
  3. At admin side, admin can add delete or modify the website according to the available products.
  4. Admin can also keep the record of sale products, in order to watch their total income or loss.
  5. This application could both be easily accessed on desktop and on mobile.


Microsoft.Net, Java, PHP, SQL Server, MySQL etc.

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