Automation of ANY Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd

Project Domain / Category

 Web based paper less environment application. 


Automation of ANY Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd. Lahore is a database solution to the problem faced by ANY Pharmaceuticals. Company is performing all its activities manually. Sales of medicines purchase of raw material and machinery and payroll of employees are all recorded on registers. So, this course of action is very time taking. The users of this application will be the managers of company and registered distributors and doctors. All the users will have to go through the authentication process to get secure access. The infrastructure and technologies, which are going to be used for the development of the application, are easily available to the users of application. Implementation of the project will not face any hurdle in its course The main objectives of the system are

 To reduce the extra paper work.  To retrieve the desired information quickly.   To reduce the number of documents and registers.  To convert the manual processing into the computerized processing.

Functional Requirements: 

  1. The system shall be provided convenient interface for User Registration, medicine Search, and Payment.
  2. The System will provide different user authentication like guest user, temporary user, regular user, administrator user etc.
  3. The system will be provided paperless environment in the Sales, Raw Material Purchase and Customer Relations departments’ activities by helping the employees to keep track of the various transactions used without going through large piles of files and registers, thus providing them handy information within no time.
  4. The system will be able to generate all necessary reports about the products and functions and maintain their records for example their date of sale, their stock records etc. 5. The system will be maintaining the record of new visitors.


ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Crystal report, SQL Server,


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