Augmented Reality Based Home Decor 

Project Domain / Category:

Mobile Application (Android)


Abstract / Introduction:

We need to decorate our home and many decoration accessories are available in market. It’s a hectic process to visit market and choose an item which is best suitable for our home. Some products are apparently suitable but when we place those items in our home, they didn’t look very good. Sometimes we often check these items through online stores which give us no idea how these items look after the placement.

The AR based Home Decor app will serve this problem. We can pick decoration items and place them in AR based environment to check whether they fit in our place. The APP uses device camera to visualize such items in an Augmented Reality Environment (ARE). In ARE, device camera will be used to visualize the actual environment while user can select any item from list to check its appearance in ARE.

User can also capture any image and after cropping, the picture can be stored in the items listing.

The following will be the functional requirements of this project.

Functional Requirements:
  • User can capture items to save in
    • User can take/capture any image and crop the required portion through this
    • User can also resize the captured image to fit on required
    • User can adjust the contrast of the
    • A list/grid is maintained after the editing of captured
  • User can edit photos from its phone Gallery and perform all steps mentioned in Point #
    • There’ll be a single list of items/resources for both
  • User can export any screen as picture,
    • App must export screen to image in any of these formats (jpg, png, gif).

E.g. a User wants to decorate his Room wall, He’ll open this app and place in front of the wall. Select any item from the list and place it on required location. He can change positions of the item to check its look and feel. At last, an image will be taken and saved to phone gallery.

  • User can import any decor item for later
    • User can check images from internet after editing, it can be store in the


  1. You can use libraries from GitHub or ”Android Arsenal”
  2. Students may add further functionalities to make the application more useful.
  3. VU will not pay for any license of the software, the libraries /toolkits/APIs used in this
  4. Your android devices must support all features necessary for this
Tools & Languages:
  • Android Studio
  • Java or Kotlin

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