SQL server


SQL Server 2005

The most dependable and potent server management software is Microsoft SQL Server 2005. It provides a lot of characteristics, including lightweight Web apps, great performance, and data safety. Its ease of use for development and speedy prototyping are its best qualities. In essence, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is made to satisfy server infrastructure needs. In terms of configuration, management, administration, and access, it has the best integrated environment.

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SQL Server 2008

The industry-leading software behemoth Microsoft created the relational database server administration solution known as SQL Server 2008. It has been built to function on a variety of hardware, including multiprocessor servers and laptops. This server typically serves as a website’s backend system.

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SQL Server 2012

Since the initial release of SQL Server, numerous versions have been created. Today’s edition of SQL Server is being examined. There are numerous features in SQL Server 2012 that were either lacking in earlier versions or have been enhanced.

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SQL Server 2014 Enterprise 32 / 64 Bit

Data warehousing and application development will be made easier and more convenient with the help of the practical relational database management suite SQL Server 2014 Enterprise 32/64 Bit. It is a platform that is prepared for the cloud, giving businesses the security they need to deploy and synchronize data across desktops and other devices.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2017

Scalability and security are provided by Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise, a sophisticated data platform and server that enables powerful database administration features for experts. Because it is a cloud-ready platform, the entire firm can benefit from security during deployment and data synchronization between desktops and contemporary devices.

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Apex SQL Recover Professional Edition 2018

With the help of Apex SQL Recover Professional Edition 2018, SQL Server and DBA developers can recover data from virtual SQL database backups that have been lost, corrupted, or damaged due to human error or improper handling during a variety of activities, including drop and truncate procedures. It is an all-inclusive software that comes with all the tools necessary for you to recover the appropriate files from any SQL database backup. You can use the files that were part of the database backup procedure again and save them locally to the specified folder with the aid of the software.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2019

Users of Microsoft SQL Server 2019 can work with sizable databases without experiencing any problems or glitches. The databases can be accessed by a large number of individuals simultaneously. Users can get comprehensive, in-depth, and sophisticated reports about their database if they so choose. To minimize space and shorten backup times, the application can quickly save data with little volume. Database management is now done via transactional and analytical processing. Users can use advanced and full-text search for greater convenience, better performance, and speed.

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Toad for SQL Server 2022

An excellent tool for SQL Server administration, performance tuning, and development is Toad for SQL Server 2022. It is a sophisticated application that is jam-packed with a wide range of useful tools and capabilities to aid database administrators and developers in quickly creating and executing queries, automating database object administration, and more effectively developing SQL. It is a productive programmed that will greatly enhance your SQL Server’s performance and help you save valuable time. It enables you to run more dependable and quick databases on your server and offers user-friendly processes, comprehensive automation, and integrated knowledge to boost productivity. By carrying out synchronization operations and comparisons between schemas, servers, and data, it enables you to swiftly retrieve discrepancies.

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