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A young boy who leaked Pentagon documents:

A charismatic young boy who leaked Pentagon documents:

The important documents of the Pentagon has been leaked last week. Pentagon is considered the world’s most secure and safe place. But leaking documents from Pentagon is amazing. A young boy, Jack Texeria, 21 years age leaked these files. Jack Teixeria was a US air national guardsman. Important secrets of the Pentagon related to the Ukraine War have been leaked.  This document revealed that the US is spying on its allies. So, it upset the relationship between the USA and its allies.

Jack Teixeira:


FBI has arrested Jack from Massachusetts for the leakage of defense documents of the USA. He was arrested in his hometown of North Dighton. He is a young, charismatic, and an arm lover boy. He was wearing a T-shirt and red shorts at the time of the arrest. The US attorney general said that Jack would face charges under Espionage Act. Teixeira was 102nd wing of Massachusetts Intelligence where he was serving as a cyber transport system journeyman. He was the leader of the online group that led the documents. This group called itself the Thug Shaker Central Group. It includes 20 to 30 young boys all of them were arm lovers.

What was included in the leaked documents?

The documents leaked from Pentagon are of great importance. We will talk about some of the important information related to that documents.

UN boss too accommodating to Russia:

The USA has objections to the grain deal with Russia. It believe Antonie Guterres’s stance on the grain deal is undermining Russia’s accountability for Ukraine War. Guterres was willing to accommodate Russian interests in war days. So, the USA was monitoring him.

Egypt secretly planned to supply rockets to Russia:

The documents have shown that Egypt is planning to supply rockets to Russia. The president of Egypt wants to keep this deal secret because of fear of a clash with the West. Egypt is taking assistance of $1 billion per annum. Therefore they want to do it secretly.

China Conducted experimental tests:


China is considered the biggest rival of the USA not only in economy but in every field. So, the USA keeps an eye on China. The leaked documents revealed that China is testing DF-27 hypersonic glide vehicles. The missile flew over 12 minutes covering a distance of 21000km.

In addition to it, there was also information about South Korea’s torn on delivering weapons to Ukraine. There was also information about Western forces operating in Ukraine without specifying their activities.

Final Words:

Stealing documents from Pentagon is big news for the whole world. The US investigate Jack and why did he steal these documents. Stealing secrets documents of a state is not a good act. Maybe the boy was trolled by someone or did it for the sake of money or some other purpose. These types of actions should be discouraged so that youth may involve in fruitful activities, not devastating ones.

Who leaked documents from Pentagon?

A young boy name, Jack Teixert leaked documents from Pentagon.

What is leaked about Ukraine?

The sensitive information about support of Ukraine has been leaked in the documents.

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