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A  bazaar on fire, the largest bazaar of Bangladesh( Banga Bazaar).

Today’s morning a massive fire has broken out in the Banga bazaar of Bangladesh. The fire broke out at 6:10 AM today. The source of the fire can not be found yet.  Road traffic has been jammed due to a fire in the bazaar. Fire extinguishing units are working to control the fire. Even the helicopters of the Bangladesh Air Force are assisting in controlling the fire. A rescue team of the Bangladesh Army has reached to settle the condition. About 3000 shops are under the influence of fire and it is a great loss for the shopkeepers because Eid ul Fitr is at hand.

The fire is also moving towards surrounding buildings including Anexco Tower which is the biggest tower in Bangladesh.


In 2021, a fire broke out in the Ahmadi oil refinery in Kuwait. There was some death reported in that incident. In 2020, a massive fire explosion happened in Beirut, Lebanon which caused the death of dozens of people. This explosion caused damage of US$ 15 billion. In addition to it, fire explosions occurred in Pennsylvania and San Francisco. Now, this incident in Bangla Bazar occurred due to a fire explosion.

Huge Fire At Beirut's Port Causes Panic Following Last Month's Explosion :  NPR

Damage due to Bangla Bazaar Fire:

The fire burnt more than six thousand stores and shops. It is expected that the damage caused due to this fire will be more than 10 billion takas. Unfortunately, the event occurred in the holy month of Ramadan which is followed by Eid ul Fitr. The people do Eid shopping and it gives benefits to traders but now everything is destructed. Some emergency workers got injuries but no death is reported yet.

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