IOT based Home Security System

IOT based Home Security System

Project Domain / Category

Automation / Digital Logic Designing

Abstract / Introduction

These days, thefts, fires, and LPG gas leaks are all too common. What is unusual is people’s knowledge of various systems such as smoke alarms, gas leakage detectors, and so on.

Installing and maintaining all of these different devices in order to keep the house secure is also a challenge. We’ve created an integrated home security system to help customers protect their homes from such occurrences.

The Internet of Things-based Home Security System project is intended to assist an individual in protecting his or her home against theft, fire, and LPG gas leaks all in one. This project makes use of a variety of sensors, from which data is delivered via IOT to a website and mobile app. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of ‘things’ that allows physical objects to exchange data via sensors, electronics, software, and networking. There is no need for humans to interface with these systems.

Temperature, Smoke, LPG, and IR sensors are used in the IOT-based home security system. A camera will be connected to the system for security purposes in the event of theft or unlawful entry.

The system will detect the temperature of the home, as well as smoke and LPG levels, and will alert the user if there is any damage to these items inside the house. The system will use infrared sensing technology to detect any unauthorized access or theft. At the front door, a camera will be connected to provide a visual display or photographs. The buzzer would turn on as soon as the individual passed through the IR sensor.

For fire detection, temperature and smoke sensors are employed. The signal will be transmitted to the microcontroller as soon as the fire is detected, which will then send the required data to the LCD and the GSM/Wi-Fi module.

The IOT module then sends the data to the owner’s mobile application. Similarly, the LPG sensor is used to detect LPG gas leaks. The GSM/Wi-Fi module must be connected to a GSM/Wi-Fi zone or a hotspot as a pre-requisite for this project. The User End Mobile application can access camera images.

Functional Requirements

Hardware Module

  • Temperature Sensor Module
    • Smoke sensor Module
    • LPG Sensing Module
    • IR Sensor based module
    • Camera Interface unit
    • Display Unit
    • GSM/Wi-Fi based Internet Connectivity Module
  • Mobile Application (Android)
  • Capability to receive and manage an online database of the data from Hardware Module
  • Capable compute the critical condition based on received data
  • Capable to get visual display of home entrance
  • Tools


  • Arduino Kit/Raspberry Pi or Any other Single Board Processors
    • Android Studio
    • Web API’s
    • C/C++ Programming Language
    • Assembly Language
    • Circuit Designing Software’s (OrCAD Pspice, WorkBench)
    • Keil Embedded Development Kit
    • Circuit Components (Resistors, Capacitors, oscillators etc.)
    • GPS Module
    • GSM/Wi-Fi Module
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Humidity Sensor

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